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Your appointment after we reopen.

As you will have probably heard the Government has given us an advisory date of 8th of June to start to plan the return phase to work.

During the lockdown time and while we have been offering telephone triage we have:

We are now training hard to ensure the dental environment is truly safe for both our patients and staff.

The last pieces of PPE will be with us shortly and we are still waiting for clarification of how we will need to work- again we are promised this soon.

During the lockdown we have now got a list of patients that need our urgent help. Understandably we will be giving our first attention to those that need us most, but rest assured we will be getting to you as soon as we can- our computer system has you safely logged. If you develop an urgent problem, please give us a ring.

When we reopen, we and the practice will look quite different, don't worry, its still US under all the funny looking costumes and we will fully explain how you will move through the practice before you come. This will involve us checking your COVID status on arrival, and also checking your temperature as well.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01332 862942.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding at this most extra-ordinary of times.

Click here for tips to help you manage dental your problem until you can see a dentist.

White Fillings

White FillingsWhite fillings have been around for a long time and are the easiest, quickest and so often the first step in improving your smile. Advances in material technology means that white fillings can enhance your smile for many years. These fillings are often called 'composite fillings'.

Composite fillings result in a natural-looking smile. The colour can be closely matched to your natural teeth, so that the end results are nearly undetectable. The filling material actually 'sticks' to your own tooth, and so can be very useful in teeth that have cracks appearing.

The material is placed directly into the cavity and then a special 'blue' light is used to set the material. You do not need to let the filling harden, as you get an instant set.

The durability of resin tooth-filling material has not been time-tested, but continual improvements in the product have made resins nearly as durable as amalgam fillings. Your dentist will be able to advise you if a white filling is the best option for your tooth, as each one is judged on its merits.